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PWG Training Program

We are searching for current players interested in pursuing a financial planning career after hockey. Whether you are beginning a five-year contract or nearing the end of your career, our team will tailor a program to fit your timeline, experience, and educational background. We will introduce you to the industry, various investment philosophies, and the steps required to become a licensed financial advisor. Our goal is to help your future transition from the ice to the office.


The PWG training program aims to address the following primary challenges:


Replacing the camaraderie of 

the locker room environment.

  • The Players Wealth Group provides an opportunity to stay connected to the hockey community.

  • The locker room is a special place. The dynamic of our weekly conference call closely resembles that of the conversation that follows getting into your gitch at 9 A.M. and pouring a cup of sub-par coffee.

  • Our team’s ability to support and help one another is paramount to the success of our advisors. We schedule events to help foster relationship growth within our team of advisors, as well as our clients.


Finding a career that provides a feeling of competition, achievement, and purpose.

  • We welcome the opportunity of putting our “Hockey Family” up against Wall Streets’ biggest banks on a daily basis.

  • Similar to your ability to use your statistics to gauge the success of your season, being an advisor offers objective goals to accomplish.

  • Helping an old teammate and friend diligently plan his financial life provides a tremendous feeling of fulfillment.


Overcoming the lack of necessary skills and training to enter and compete in the workforce.

  • While you are still playing, the Players Wealth Group Training Program provides the educational content essential to becoming a successful Financial Advisor.

  • We will teach you about the industry, fees, investments, and cash flow planning.

  • There is no timeline; progress at your own pace. Whether you are at the end of your career or beginning a 5-year contract, we tailor the training to fit your situation.


the Players Wealth Group Training Program?


  • We begin by introducing the investment philosophy the Players Wealth Group supports.

  • Our trainees are then invited to join us at a conference to further expand on these beliefs.

  •  The first assignment involves reading The Investment Answer, a short book that provides insight into some of the key decisions every investor faces.


  • Whether you have a college degree or not, we welcome all trainees regardless of their prior formal education.

  • We adjust the program content based on your experience and knowledge of the financial industry, with the goal of getting all of our trainees up to speed on the industry basics.

  • Once you have an adequate foundation in place, we teach you the financial planning process that we use to operate our business.

  • Much of this process is done through video conference calls, in which our trainees and advisors are present. We find this is a great way to develop our team chemistry and build upon new and existing relationships.

  • Then, we supply you with the study materials necessary to prepare for and take the Series 65 Licensing exam.


  • Once you are licensed, we teach you the importance of fiduciary responsibility and the standards we hold our advisors to at the Players Wealth Group.

  • We walk you through the key components of client acquisition, interaction, and the ongoing relationship.

  • We familiarize you with the various tools and software we use daily to build financial plans.

  • You are trained in the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to record your interactions with clients and plan for future opportunities.

We Would Love to Hear From You!

Whether you are looking for a new advisor, would like to hear about the PWG training program, or would just like some more information, please send us a message below.

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